by Benjamin Zettler February 13, 2019

Hey Team..

Now, some of you may think this is going to be a post about beer..

You would be incorrect!

EPA's = Energy Producing Activities

IPA's = Income Producing Activities

These are the two places you should be spending your time...


Your time is valuable...

Your energy resources are valuable...

Use them wisely..

How many things do you do during the day that actually have a POSITIVE YIELD?

What if everything you did could yield a positive in regards to energy and income?

That would be pretty amazing..

That translates to getting paid to do what you love... that thing that lights you up!

That can only happen if you are aware of your EPA's and IPA's...

Today, take a look at your day... 

Make a list.... 2 Columns

#1: What lights me up..

#2: What drains me...

Now, you can take this info and start to delegate and eliminate the drains...

And double down, doing more of the What Lights Me Up...

Yes.. this can work no matter what you do....and if your job has a lot of "drains".. it may be time to start finding some other line of work...

Energy is precious...

Do not waste it...

And.. remember.. there are things you can do to produce more of it....

#1. Exercise..

#2. Clean Eating..

#3. Positive Relationships

#4. Work You Love...

Now go make the magic happen with more EPA's and IPA's!

Chase Greatness..

Let's GO.

Coach Dana Cavalea

Benjamin Zettler
Benjamin Zettler

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