by Dana Cavalea March 14, 2017

Does your back hurt from sitting to long at a desk? Does your neck hurt you from sticking your head into your computer screen for 6+ hours per day? Does each day at work cause you pain?

Do you feel the stress of dealing with your bosses rules, complaints, and needs?

What if the culture of your workplace was one of keeping the employees in great shape? I don't mean just setting up a meditation room and hoping people use it.

Or... building a gym, and hiring some kids to supervise it.. or some Company that has former JCC/YMCA instructors from the 1980s implementing the strategy of engagement...

This stuff does not work. I am speaking about Companies that will take the time to make sure their people are staying fit, loose, flexible, stress free, and approaching their employees like a sports team readying themselves for battle. Which is really what going to work everyday is... 

What kind of a CEO wants to drive his stock prices up, improve by 10-20% per quarter and doesn't invest in getting his team ready for that fight? 

Again-- I have seen Companies these days invest in a "Gym" or "equipment" or some technologies... but why don't these workplaces have Coaches that can sit with employees and executives.. understand their goals, and set up a plan for them to succeed? This is what you would do with athletes that have to go compete everyday... 

This has behooved me for years...

Nobody can demand maximal performance from somebody... and not put a plan in place to make their "players" the most fit, most mentally strong, and most "Ready" to go WIN for their Organization. 

Placing a cork-board in the workplace with articles on being fit..just won't cut it.

In today's culture.. what I have found in all my years of working with CEOS, Executives, and the Worlds Top Athletes... is they need Coaching, Accountability, Programming, and Progression.

People need to be constantly pushed in the correct way, given a plan that suits them and their goals and where they currently are, and then they need to be held accountable. An app will not do it.

People need people. People need teams. People need coaches. 

What would happen if every competing workplace had a COACH that they hired to make sure their people were in top shape, feeling great, and had the mentality of winning everyday...

I think you may actually have a WINNING team at that point... from the secretary to the CEO. #TrainLikeAPro

Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

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