by Dana Cavalea March 13, 2017

Impossible. Does not exist. Sets-up more personal failures than anything else. Causes the death of more people that are still alive than anything else due to the inability to express and live.

Perfection: Drives the behaviors of "living and doing for everybody else" and never living for yourself not because you want to, but because you have to. Drives the mindset of not good enough, and that of " I can not fail or look bad" because, "What will everybody think of me?"

Much like anorexia, bulimia, and even depression... Perfection Seeking is a disorder of it's own. It leads to altered perception of the self- mentally, physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is the driver of relationship issues and breakdown. The breeding ground of an unhealthy ego. Also.. and most importantly, and unhealthy relationship with yourself.

This syndrome almost always goes un-diagnosed and is often not even considered as a culprit behind altered self perception and depression.

But... it is alive and well. For any of you that know people in your life that are always worried about how they look to others, how they are perceived by others, and those who look to check the "perfection" boxes because they feel they need to.. not because they want to... you can relate to this writing.

If you are one of these people... have no fear.. the following words are here for you.

The world will never judge you harder than you judge yourself.

Be comfortable, grateful, and proud of yourself no matter what others think.

Follow YOUR Dreams. YOUR Passions. YOUR Heart..because that is the only way you will find peace, calm, and your true "north"...

We are all built with an innate sense of self. We get in trouble when the noise gets to loud that we lose that sense. It can be lost for a minute, a day, or years if we allow the noise to get to loud.But.. we can always get it back.

By noise I am referring to the negative dialogue we have with ourselves, the comparative narratives that can dominate our beings when we see what others have- and what we do not have. The houses, cars, and toys of others... that we may not have earned yet... This is the noise. The lack of trust we can have with ourselves about "what we are supposed to be doing" and by "such and such a date:... all this is the noise. And... it is all BULLSHIT!

STOP IT. We are all on our own clock. All built for different things. We are not supposed to be LIKE or BE anybody else. 

Until we realize how profound that statement is, and how simple it is, and actually believe it... we become slaves to ourselves, our stories, and to those around us.

Breakout of your story... and start to ask yourself: What am I great at? What do I have passion for? What do I love? What can I do forever even if I did not get paid? ...What do I want for myself?... start there and stop letting other people dictate your pace. 

This is game-changing...and I encourage you to go change your game. NOW.

Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

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