by Dana Cavalea March 15, 2017

For years I have always been fascinated with what preachers are able to do. They are able to congregate, rally, inspire, and motivate their congregation, and most importantly, spread their message and keep their congregation moving forward towards a unified goal, vision, and mission.

We are crazy to think that we do not need our own Health Evangelist in our life, our own congregation in which we belong, and daily words of inspiration, motivation, and "can-do" thinking to keep us driving forward, from NOW till the End. 

You can't do it alone. Nobody can. We all need support, accountability, coaching, and direction.

Some need more than others.. but we all need some. Even Coaches need coaching.... the ones that become great in this world are able to understand these principles.. and then find their Evangelist and Congregation to move them forward.

Those that feel it is weak to go find help.. will always remain weak.

Coaching is what keeps people consistent not over days or weeks.. but over years and decades. Great Coaches find a way to truly get into the soul of those they work with.. and keep driving them forward towards their current and ever changing goals.

Coaches help develop and bring out peoples visions of themselves.. transforming negative visions to positive.. small/ mediocre visions to grandiose visions of personal greatness.

We all can think of some great Evangelist more from a religious context.. but think about the Power in those rooms.. from the Osteens to the Schullers to the Grahams.. amazing the energy that is generated inside of those religious institutions..

It is amazing how individuals walk in with doubt.. and walk out with conviction.. from Debbie Downer to Daddy DO-IT!..

We can all find a Health Evangelist that we can lean on for our daily dose.. our daily push.. our daily motivation.. our daily focus on health, wellness, nutrition, and positive mindset. We just have to commit to finding this person and then commit ourselves. Even for the control freaks out there... turn yourself over and watch the magic that can happen.

We all benefit from being pushed. We all benefit from leadership and structure.... even leaders! 

I encourage each of you today to find somebody to be your Health Evangelist. You will have days of weakness that you must not let overcome you. Days when you do not want to exercise. Days when you do not want to take on the day. Days when you want to eat junk rather than nutrients...

Find an Evangelist to drive you towards the goals and achievements you seek.

Find your Evangelist TODAY. When you start to look for candidates.. make sure this person shares your core values, your ethics, your principles. Do not just look for celebrity status, or for somebody that has written books... look for somebody who aligns with you.

Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

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