by Dana Cavalea May 10, 2021

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Hi Team...

Over the last 80 days I have been locked in on my health.....

I workout out 6-days per week and do not eat white flour or sugary foods....

Coach, a bit extreme wouldn't you say?

Well, not really.

Over those 80-days, I have had a few spoonfuls of a dessert if we are out with friends but the reality is, I have been so disciplined to the process that my taste buds have changed and sugar and salts taste absolutely gross to me.

The best part is, I have really seen and felt my body change, dramatically in such a short period of time.

I have always been a 6-day per week exerciser, but until I made some heavy changes to my diet, nothing changed that much.

And, I have to tell you- this has been a lot of fun and very low resistance.

Meaning, I have not had to fight to lose the pounds and to eat a certain way because I eat foods that I enjoy.

You see- like many that I work with, for years I had been focused on building businesses, flying around the country speaking, and giving myself whatever time I had left over to focus on my personal health.

Now, I have a motto: #healthfirst

That means, before I take on any clients for the day, I must get my training in.

In addition, I have revamped my personal menu to exclude white flour and sugars.

As a result, I do not even think of those things anymore.

Crazy, right?

80-days and my biochemistry has changed dramatically. 

What many do not realize is just how much sugar is consumed daily because sugar is the #1 additive to foods today, followed by salts (especially when dining out)....

SO, you MUST become aware of the foods you eat and what is inside of them.

I found a few stats quite interesting:

  • The average American consumes 71g of Sugar/ Day or 17 teaspoons
  • Men should consume no more than 9 teaspoons or 35g per day and women no more than 6 teaspoons or 25g per day 
  • This excess sugar intake raises blood sugar and can exhaust the pancreas over time due to excess insulin production, ultimately leading to and contributing to the elevated rates of type 2 diabetes

You see, by controlling your sugar intake, you then begin to control your blood sugar. By doing so, you control your cravings.

Do you ever find yourself having one snack, then another, and then another and still not feeling full?

Well, I always say to those I coach: Sugar leads to Sugar

It is highly addictive- so if you cut off the snakes head and eliminate it, you no longer crave it.

I also have found that since reducing sugar intake and getting way from the white flours, many foods have taken on new vibrant tastes like a bowl of berries.

They taste so different now as opposed to say 12 months ago.

I write this today because I have found the #1 reason why we do not put our health first is because we put #workfirst.

Now, there is a place for both your work and your health to have a primary position in your life- they both must be scheduled.

And when you can schedule your success of both- you win.

When I Coach leaders and executives on their health reform, we start by creating a schedule.

Then, through coaching, I hold them accountable to that schedule and plan that we devised based on their schedule and preferences. 

That is the only way it works.

Trust me.

I have been doing this a long time.

When you get the plan right, the schedule right, and the accountability right, winning becomes a part of the process.

Sometimes I have to crack the whip, but, for the most part a solid plan+ schedule + biweekly accountability works really well for most!

I wanted to share my journey with you today to let you know that you are not alone.

Your past experiences do not have to be your future experiences. 

But, you must 100% decide to do things differently or it will not work.

Do not let your doctor deliver you the news saying you have to change because you have gone too far for too long in the wrong direction.

Take action now.

Let's go.


Your Coach,


Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

Dana Cavalea is the World Champion Director of Strength and Conditioning & Performance of the New York Yankees. Currently, he is a High Performance Speaker & Consultant to Pro Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Business Executives, and Workforces on lifestyle strategies to reduce stress, improve work/life integration, and most importantly improve daily performance /outcomes. Book Dana to Speak at your Company Event or Conference Today!

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