by Dana Cavalea February 06, 2017

Monday after the Super Bowl. For those who witnessed what happens when the power and mystique of ONE player is activated.

Obviously, I am writing about Tom Brady. Whether you are a fan of his or not does not matter- but what matters is the result ONE Person can create from not only believing in the themselves, but activating their own power within.

Now we all know that it takes a team to win in team sports, but what was witnessed last night was catalyzed by the Power of One.

Tom Brady is the catalyst for the Patriots franchise, with the ability to change momentum and determine outcomes as he gets more and more in the zone. His zone of Genius. Which in sports is known exclusively as THE ZONE.

The question for you today is do you have the power within yourself to be the catalyst in your workplace? Your family? Your team? Wherever that may be?

When you walk in the room- does your presence alone command the attention of the room? If the answer is no, then we must get to work.

Where does this come from? This confidence? It comes from the belief in yourself and the belief that you can catalyze outcomes. When you set your vision... the results will follow... and you have a true belief that is unwavering that this will happen.

Everything begins and ends with the way you see and believe in yourself. If you have a poor vision of yourself, you will get poor outcomes.

If you see yourself as a change-maker, combined with high levels of passion and care towards a cause, you will yield the result you have scripted.

This is the secret formula of success that is not so secret to those who have achieved.

Belief. Vision. Physiological Activation... meaning you not only see it, but you feel it. This trifecta is the root of it all. When your outcomes are poor-- have a heart to heart with yourself and see how you are treating yourself-- and see if there truly is a belief in yourself that is almost impossible to shake.

If you are "shake-able" right now.. then we must get to the root of why.. and begin to rebuild.

You witnessed an incredible performance last night of belief in the strongest sense. The extra confidence behind Brady can also be seen in his "routine"... which we will take a deeper look at this week. #TrainLikeAPro.

Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

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