by Dana Cavalea February 05, 2017

When you walk in any public setting these days-- what do you see? Heads down, buried in their phones... usually with a thumb going up and down... this is called scrolling.

Often an hourly practice in which we size our lives up against those of others via a "feed"... a perfection feed as I like to call it.

I meet individuals on a daily basis that feel down about themselves as they compare their lives to others via scrolling.

In my opinion, scrolling will be the "behind the scenes" culprit of depression elevation over the next 5 years... as many run from their realities and loathe in the false realities of others.

Simplicity. Let simplicity drive what you do. The more you can simplify your life.. and understand your role, in your life, and that your life is the result of your day to day experiences, vision for yourself, and direction in which you set your compass... the more peace you will find. 

Everybody is on their own train with different stops, derailments, and destinations. If you let a self fabricated highlight reel of somebody else drive your life... you will become very unhappy.. since you did not follow your calling. 

Life is interesting... billions of people in the world.. and we have the ability to be unique and different from everyone else... no two people are the same... unless they "copy" the life of somebody else... which is what social channels allow for..

A lack of focus on your path... influence from others... in determining who you are supposed to be. That is scary. Think about how much greatness will not be achieved. By greatness, I am speaking about proprietary greatness.. creation.. invention.. ingenuity, authenticity, and true self expression...

What if Steve Jobs cared about everybody else's life? Perhaps Einstein? Musk? We would not see innovation as everything would be just like everything else..

Becoming an Outlier is a great thing... so create your own "feed"... and make it a great one. un-influenced by others, passion driven, care-driven, and with the spine of " I am going to make a difference in this world" driving the way... 

That is a 3 second scroll worth looking at... YOUR OWN SCROLL. Make your life matter... one hit at a time. #TrainLikeAPro

Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

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