by Dana Cavalea February 07, 2017

After spending the morning with friend and businessman, Brandon Steiner of Steiner Sports, we had a great talk on patterns.

We talked wins and losses, the state of business, and what people struggle with the most. We came to a few conclusions.

  1. People need hope; one of the only place honest hope and faith is currently being offered is in religious institutions.
  2. There is so much noise, that most people are unable to hear their own thoughts.
  3. Many people have an issue being honest. Most importantly honest with themselves. They are living the lives they are "expected to live" and a life that looks pretty on paper- not one they are truly thriving in.
  4. There are many individuals on the internet teaching "success, wealth building strategies" but many of these people have not actually achieved anything themselves.
  5. Coaching is a very powerful tool for keeping you honest with yourself and making sure your "moving" in the right direction and maximizing your own performance and talent.

This conversation was pretty all encompassing as you can see... but these were 5 points I really extracted and felt could resonate with folks. 

Self-inquiry and awareness is so important. Doing what you love is so important. Taking the time to assess your "impact and contribution" is so important.

When are you taking the time to take an "inventory" on your life? This is the only way to break your pattern... realizing you need a change and acting on it!

This doesn't just have to be done in December.. because lets face it... most people can not remember their resolutions.. .as many have already perished. 

Knowing yourself is everything. Understanding your WHY and your MECHANISM for life is what will keep you moving... more so than any book, speech, or course.

Take some time to think about the above. #TrainLikeAPro

Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

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