by Dana Cavalea June 17, 2021

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Hi Team....

This am, I made a post on Linkedin that featured none other than billionaire, Kanye West.

Now, some of you way want to stop reading right now because you think the guy is nuts- but please don't!

What if it is a persons "insanity" that allows them to see the world differently?

What if it is a persons view on themselves that allows them to perform differently an show up differently than everyone else?

What ifit is this exact recipe that will allow you to do things differently and feel completely liberated from the demands, expectations, and objectives that everyone else has for you- and instead finally do things your way?

What if?

Well- this is what I find very interesting about Mr. West.

A multi-disciplinary success.

Music, Clothing. Billionaire.

How often are we told to do one thing?


How often are we told?:

This is how you do it. This is the way.

As if this way is the only way?


How often are we told what "standard" is and it is our job to follow it if we want to be successful?

Well folks- standard is for the masses.

Standard is for the average.

Standard is bullshit.

Victory in any discipline often goes to those who do it differently.

The non-conformists usually achieve victory their own way, with their own style, and their own grace.

They do so because they have freed themselves from trying to do it like everyone else.

Doing something like everyone else is actually the more competitive and challenging way to do things.


Because everyone is trying to do IT that way.

That is a crowded highway and road.

It may be time that you start honoring the non-conformist within you.

Let me give you an example.

In Professional Baseball, to be a a Coach, oftentimes you must be a Pro Player.

I was not.

I played in college- but not Pro Ball.

Next, you must spend time in the Minor Leagues coaching.

Usually a few years. 

I spent zero.

Finally, you will get to the Big Leagues after usually 5+ years and the average career length is 3-5 years.

I started in the Big Leagues and held the position over 5+ years.

Just a personal example.

When you follow the way of the World- you become like everyone else.

Today, I am writing this to get you to think different and embrace what makes you different.

Now, you know how I love to define words.

So lets break down the words nonconformist and contrarian below:


  • a person who does not conform to a generally accepted pattern of thought or action


  • taking an opposing view, especially a view opposite to that taken by the majority.
  • a person who habitually takes a view opposite to that held by the majority.

Do you see that word: Majority?

Ask yourself right now if you want to be like the majority?

I sure as hell don't.

I have a coaching client that I work with and has had immense success in business and with his family.

Years ago, he told me this: "Coach, never forget, the masses are asses. They all think the same and follow each other."

I never forgot it- and neither should you.

Let's go.

Embrace the non-conforming contrarian within you.

Let's go.

Play to win.

Win Today!


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Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

Dana Cavalea is the World Champion Director of Strength and Conditioning & Performance of the New York Yankees. Currently, he is a High Performance Speaker & Consultant to Pro Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Business Executives, and Workforces on lifestyle strategies to reduce stress, improve work/life integration, and most importantly improve daily performance /outcomes. Book Dana to Speak at your Company Event or Conference Today!

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