by Dana Cavalea February 08, 2017

I am a man of the people. I love speaking to people in the trenches and streets about their thoughts, struggles, and realities. Over the past year, I have come across an all to common theme:

LESSON: Many people are waking up. They have come to the realization that social media has taken away from their quality of life, has become a distraction, and has caused anxiety for them.

So... for the wall-street tycoons and the Silicon Valley darlings out there... the future may not be rich with Facebook ads and digital connections... but more in-person counseling groups of people working to "find" connections again. Real, live, in-person, connections.

The types of connections where people share their stress, their problems, their thoughts, their feelings, their joy with one another... and truly bathe in the feeling of connection. The feeling of being understood by another human that many people desperately want.

Do you know that social media has caused an elevation in anxiety? Has fed into the self-worth crisis in America? 

Is the dopamine release really worth it?

Creativity is hindered by constant distractions. Comparing your life to somebody else... we all know where that gets us... NO-PLACE. 

Yea we get news faster and we can stay in touch with friends lives... these are the benefits... but when you start to see a decrease in Life Production...that is a problem.

I have seen more close friends "TAP-OUT" of social media, myself included outside of blogging, because they realized/ woke up to the realities of the negative returns on their personal lives, work lives, and inter-personal relationships.

Interesting right? Now the advertisers of the world will all but crucify me for saying this.. but all great things can come crashing down when "people begin to wake-up"... and it is happening. These media companies are going to do their best to draw people back into the vortex... but consumers will eventually continue their awakening. 

I say it here... February of 2017.... the interactions and usage of social channels will change over the next 36 months... as burn-out increases, anxiety rises, and American production drops... will you be first or last out of the burning building... that is the question.

Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

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