by Dana Cavalea February 09, 2017

I am writing this during a blizzard in New York- much different than the typical California landscape I have been used to living in over the past few months, but in a crazy way some therapeutic benefits to being in a "storm."

At some point in our life we are all in a "storm," struggling to perform at the highest level, bored, looking for a change or a challenge, constantly fighting with friends and family, having a bleak outlook on life, or feeling like we are falling behind when we are the only ones holding the stop watch.

These are all signs of storms. But if you can find a way to make peace with those "natural" realities of life... and accept them as part of the "storm".. .they to will pass. They will pass but you will be left stronger.. You must experience a storm to appreciate the great days... the great moments.. to differentiate between the "work" and the accomplishment...

The greatest athletes and performers in the World deal with the "Storm"... they have just come to grips with it. They have learned to understand that this is "normal"... and being great everyday is impossible.

The "average" of your work is all that matters... so when you average your days, you should be great... but daily greatness is a falsified reality that many guru's try to throw at people.. and it is just not possible...

Your physiology alone will not allow for it.... colds, sickness, a bad night sleep, eating some bad food... all of these things are the reason why we can't be great everyday... but our goal is to be great most days...

Storms actually have the ability to quiet things down a bit as well. They create a place and time for reflection, planning, and understanding... use them wisely.

If you are one of many who are currently trapped in a storm... don't resist it... put your guard down and accept it... that is the only way to pass the storm faster... and come out ready to win. Resistance creates anxiety. #TrainLikeAPro

Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

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