by Dana Cavalea March 07, 2017

The question many people have been asking for years:

How do I get rich? Become rich? Really make it?

There are books, seminars, courses, gurus.. all with the answers of how to become rich- and if the answers are so easily accessible... how come so many people are NOT becoming what the book promises?

I am fascinated with these simple questions, commercialized answers- and the space in between asking the question and the end result.

I have been fortunate enough through the years to work with individuals that have amassed high sums of "money" and chips they have pulled onto their side of the table. 

When I ask them "how" they did it.. the answers are all very different... but they all have some very similar themes.. that I wanted to share today. 

Some of these guys have made their money in finance, others in manufacturing, others in private aviation, and others in leading Companies to victory as a founder/CEO...

These are the themes: 

  1. It takes time... consistent day after day performances... over the course of "Years" not days, weeks, or months...
  2. It takes patience and courage not to quit... but you can't be afraid to quit things that are not working after testing/ trying/ and pushing them.
  3. Re-occurring revenue is king.
  4. Use personal contacts and connections to open doors...
  5. The skills you need to "make it" will not be taught in school.
  6. Make your family #1... don't compromise your home life for work.
  7. Hire great people...find great individuals when building a team.. not just from the standpoint of "knowledge".. but skill and personality...
  8. Execute.. don't talk about it.. take action. It all comes down to taking action on a great strategy. 
  9. Delegate but always take responsibility for the end results. 
  10. Never be a victim.... own it.

The "what" you do doesn't really matter... meaning you can be in any industry... you just need create a very strong vision and plan... hire the right people.. and then run hard everyday... not forgetting to celebrate your victories..

One of my top clients said to me yesterday: The trump card of all of this is realizing: "it takes time"... but that does not mean you sit and let time pass... it means hit singles everyday... small victories everyday that compound over time..

I wanted to share... and let you realize consistent action will keep you moving forward... or it will help you realize your path as either correct... or as a time to pivot.

Finally-- although the "time" is also what drives us crazy.. along the way, we are actually able to acquire the skills we need to be "make it" and be prepared to handle the decisions that are needed with the extra responsibility and leadership that goes with being on top. Rather than bathing in frustration... which is hard... realize the journey is prepping you for your future.. and making you "armed" for whats ahead. 

Speak with any successful person.. they will tell you there was a lot more grit than glamour.

Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

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