by Dana Cavalea March 06, 2017

Good day or bad day? Optimism or pessimism? Revolutionary idea/concept or just another idea? Am I good enough? I suck.

These are the volleys that can easily fill our minds on a day to day basis.... the ratio of quality thoughts to negative thoughts is what controls the outcomes we get.

Simple concept right? More negative thoughts = more negative outcomes. Negative thoughts can turn positives into negatives. Great opportunities into defeats.

Scary stuff right?

Then why are we so concerned with training everything else- often times forgetting our mind is what drives it all?

Think about it (no pun intended)... if you have a tired mind, you have a tired body. A lazy mind... a lazy body. A defeated mind, a defeated body.

Amazing stuff.

What if we were able to come up with a series of daily "things" we do to strengthen our mind? Exercises that keep our mind sharp, strong, content but wanting more?

I think we should. Lets start today!

Exercise 1: Sleep (8-10hrs per night- since fatigue weakens the mind no matter what we do)

Exercise 2: 2x per day- sit down or lay down focus on deep breathing, but letting your thoughts come and go... (10-20 minutes).... If you have to start with one time.. that is ok....

Exercise 3: During one of those 2 sessions, make it a visionary session... visualizing yourself as strong, powerful, expressive, confident, secure.... in the exact career you want, the family you are desiring, and the "feeling" you seek to have everyday...

*Once you have that vision... deepen your breathes... and truly "feel it"... as if you already have it. Imprint this in your mind.

These 3 exercises can change your mentality and lock your physiology in to "believe it".. to imprint it in your mind. What your mind starts to see and believe... you body will follow.

The 3 simple exercises above can be done at any time during the day.. but the first few days will be hard just to make the time to "sit down" and do them... again.. we are breaking the habits!

Give it a try and comment below!

I write practically... because that is all that matters... functional, simple solutions that help people WIN. No B.S., No gimmicks, No fads. #TrainLikeAPro

Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

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