by Dana Cavalea March 09, 2017

How do you achieve anything in life? You have to start with a plan right?

We plan our days, we plan our meals, we plan our to-do list... but do we plan our health?

Do we have a daily plan that we script for ourself, our hire a professional to script for us?

Fair question, right?

Go to a local gym- and you will see total "randomization" taking place. Everybody is doing their "own" thing yet nobody is doing their "own" thing.

When you workout, how did you develop your routine that is specific to you? You didn't. Most people develop their routines based on 2 things:

  1. What they see or saw others doing.
  2. Training protocols that are easy and comfortable.

Planet Fitness is thriving based on these facts. They provide simple,easy to use machines that require zero thought. Does that mean it works?

Do gyms work just because you walked in? Nope. They work when the user comes in with a defined plan, based on their goals, needs, and a commitment to the outcome.

Most gyms today are populated by folks that are looking to "workout"- but what we often see is people working to their comfort level- and not pushing beyond. Consumers that are basing their success on time- spent, rather than results gained.

This is sad- because we have conditioned people to think they can achieve physical gains with minimal work, or by just walking through the door. Unfortunately, this is just not true.

So you want results?

You need a plan designed based on your needs. A plan should include not just your training plan, but your eating strategy, recovery tools, stress management routines, and morning/ evening routines.

This is how the pros do it- this is how high performing CEOs do it- this is how you should do it if you really want results. Results are built on daily execution and commitment to the plan.

I hope this helps-- and if you need a plan... we can talk further... Coaching + Plan + Action + Accountability = Success.

Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

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