by Dana Cavalea February 18, 2017

Going with our "Spring Training" theme this week... I want introduce to you some of the techniques we would use to cut weight on players over the 6-weeks of spring training.

When players would arrive at camp, we would have weigh-ins, body fats/compositions, circumference measurements, and photos.

This gave us a comprehensive snap-shot of the player from a "fat distribution and metrics standpoint"... basically more data to validate our future plan.

THOUGHT: What I found though was... a player could perform well even if they weighed in heavy-- something that was always a challenge when it came to convincing the front office... but this is my belief...

"Weight is an incomplete measure of performance... what truly matters is weight, body fat, circumference, how the player feels, frame size and type...and how they perform"... with that said... weight only becomes a bigger problem when the player is not performing or feels poor..

As it relates to YOU... DON'T JUST LOOK AT THE SCALE.. since it is not fair to you.

You could be holding more weight, but have lowering body composition, circumference, and actually feel great...

So if that is the case.. is weight even an issue? You are feeling great, body composition is low, and you are "performing"...

What is the problem?

There isn't one.. the problem is you are using a false scale of measures to determine your "fitness"...also.. everybody is an individual.. so it is very hard to determine a "perfect weight" for somebody unless you consider frame size... some people have larger frames, others smaller.. when those with small frames try to mass up like those with larger frames.. it is almost impossible... and vise versa.

What if you are a person that wants to cut some weight? What did we do?

AM/PM Blocks... so the athlete would do 30-50 minutes of work each day... doing their conditioning work, non-impact in the AM for 15-25 minutes... and then again later in the day for the same time... The goal was to create 2-SEPARATE BURN-CYCLES....

Rev the metabolism in the AM on an empty stomach... and again in the PM before dinner.. this 2x per day burn routine... of cardio activity above 70% of your max heart rate will allow you to "keep burning" all day long... and through the night... doing this for 6-weeks always led to pretty dramatic weight-loss without "over-trying"... #TrainLikeAPro

Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

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