by Dana Cavalea February 19, 2017

Eat Clean. Clean Eating. These are terms for years I would hear players use, and I would use with players.


Because I felt there are foods that are dirty... and foods that are clean... Dirty Foods are fast, complicated, and filled with "fillers and synthetics".... Clean Foods are natural, 1-3 ingredients are most... and are processed very easily by the body...

Rather than talking about DIETING... I always suggest eating clean.... Example:

Fruits, Vegetables, Fish, Lean Meat, Nuts, Seeds = CLEAN, 1 INGREDIENT, SIMPLE.

Processed Meats, Breads, Grains, Packaged Snacks, Packaged Goods = DIRTY, 3+ INGREDIENTS, COMPLEX.

This is a very simple way to look at things... without discussing weighing food, this diet vs. that diet, and calorie counting... some may say this is an ignorant approach... but nobody has time to do the above.. or use some APP to chart their food... IT DOESN'T WORK.

People truly struggle with eating. It is hard. The mindset, tendencies, and thoughts of people need to matter and be considered by professionals recommending plans.

Every person I have ever recommended the use of an APP with has failed at the consistency portion.

Put people in a position to WIN by making things simple.. creating a simple thought process, a simple processing system of decision. Keep the plan simple- and encourage people to not bite off more than they can chew... ha.. keep it realistic so people can have daily wins.

TIP: I recommend is, before you put anything in your mouth, ASK YOURSELF THIS: Is this clean or dirty? Will I feel great or crappy after eating this? Then... Answer the question. Then.. make your decision.

It is a very simple process that works for people that are on the go, busy, and who are living their lives.. desiring positive outcomes without pulling out a food scale, sitting with a nutritionist, carrying a cooler of tupperware or reading the 1000's of books on dietary perspective... and that is really what it is showing to be.. perspective rather than fact.

The diet industry is sickening.. how many options could there be to power our machine?

The machine wants good, healthy, clean food. Case closed. Go eat it. In all my years in sports, I have been unable to find a nutritionist/ dietary professional that "Gets-it"... they are constantly prescribing unrealistic plans, foods, and processes that only work in the perfect world with the perfect human ... I am giving the street perspective that WILL WORK when followed.

I write practically... because that is all that matters... functional, simple solutions that help people WIN. No B.S., No gimmicks, No fads. #EatLikeAPro

Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

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