by Dana Cavalea March 24, 2017

First off- congrats to TEAM USA and their strength and conditioning coach, Frank Velasquez on a tremendous win last night. After reading his post this morning, it inspired me to write today's blog.

Having a similar path to Frank, leaving the game of baseball and MLB a few years ago, I was excited to see him back in the game, at the highest level, working with the today's top performers- representing our country.... and WINNING.  

In his "thank you" post.. it was not about Frank. It was about the TEAM.. and that includes the players, his "work" team, his "support" team at home.. and those who got him to where he is today and over the years.  

When it comes to being great and getting to the highest level of anything you do, it takes a great TEAM both on and off the field to get you there.  

Often times we are so focused on the work, we forget to acknowledge the people that help us along the way. The best performers I know have the strongest support system behind them.

If you are looking to achieve greatness, you must build your "support" team. You can not do it alone. It can be only a few people, it could be your parents, your wife, your brother/ sister, your best friend.. to a hired coach...but you must have one.

The goals can range from trying to lose 10lbs.. to running a Fortune 100 Company..but you must have help in your corner to endure that daily struggles that will present themselves.  

Getting to the top is a physical and emotional war that happens everyday. There is always war. Re-aligning troops, making cuts, pulling out- and then engaging again. It is a war in itself...

The years of resistance that we are met with, the years of struggle and battle are what prepare us for the SUCCESS we will have and that we do have. The small victories get us to the top of the iceberg over time.  

The great teams we have around us allow us to win in the end. The support system we have built is what gives us the strength to go back everyday and fight.  

Success is something we all want in every aspect of our life.. but we must always realize that success is a TEAM game... and a TEAM sport... derived from years of war----and if you are to achieve it... you can not do it alone.

Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

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