by Dana Cavalea March 22, 2017

Often overlooked, but the culprit behind so much distress on the body is your POSTURE.

I know, so boring right?

Agreed.. but simple. When it comes to posture, everybody talks about their mother or the nuns telling them to sit up tall, sit up straight.. and now we can discuss the WHY.

Simple: Your posture is a reflection of intrinsic strength and total body alignment.

If your alignment is off, you will have pain that is associated. If your hips are tilted to the posterior, you will have potential lower back issues that become chronic, if your head is forward due to chronic phone and computer use, you will have neck and cervical spine issues.

When the hips are tilted to the posterior, you will have a weak and unstable core that causes your torso to collapse, your stomach will be pushed out, and bloating will occur since you have compromised your digestive system and compressed the intestinal flow.

This is all simple and can easily be fixed with:

  1. Awareness.
  2. Programming to pull you out of bad postures.
  3. Daily maintenance with corrective positioning to hold the new positions.

The reality is this...just being reminded to stand up tall is the beginning. It is certainly not the end-all-be-all.

Your posture is compromised because of your day to day working position, repetitive patterns- including sitting in the car, sleeping, talking on the phone with the same arm, and any position that you repeat with frequency.

This is why most offices look like geriatric wards.. with most people leaning forward like questions marks. Most people are in physical agony as a result of sitting all day. Many people injure their spine simply getting up from their chair.

In my programming; posture and alignment is my starting point. If a client has a postural defect, nothing we do from that point forward will be effective if the posture is incorrect.

We want our clientele to stand tall, have great presence, be pain free, have full, total body range of motion... and then we focus on strength, body composition, and "aesthetics"...

Call this a holistic approach towards health-care.. but it really works. There are some health practitioners that study jaw alignment to determine total body alignment.

Posture is often the starting point of pain. Posture is indicative a some kind of distress. #TrainLikeAPro

Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

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