by Dana Cavalea August 21, 2019

Hey Team...

I hope the week is off to a rocking start!

Yesterday, I caught myself.

Falling into a "pattern"....

A pattern that is very natural to me... and to many "high achievers" as well....

The pattern is one of SPEED.

Working fast. Getting fast mentally. Expecting fast results.

Now, is it a bit of who I am and my personality?: YES.

But, it is something I need to be aware of because when I get fast, I also get frustrated and can also get anxious....

So, instead of thinking of everything needing to get done ASAP- As soon as possible....

I do it ASAP instead- As SLOW as possible.

When I slow down, I am able to be much more creative and take a project from just "getting done" to being really great- and something I am really proud of.

The project/ interaction gets really granular when you slow down. You can really get in it. Get deep with it. You know, that depth where you lose all track of time?

That is how I get when I am able to get "slow".....

The same is true for relationships in your life.

Are you just trying to get through as many conversations per day as possible retaining very little of the words, emotions, and experience?

Or, are you grounded and all-in?

Many of the "gurus" out there today call this being "intentional"....

I call it being ALL-IN in all that you do...

Not mistaking speed for progress.

Not falling victim to the speed trap which will ultimately cause you not to enjoy the PROCESS- but rather be so locked in on the outcome that you miss the joy in the process....

After all, success is about the process...

You will spend more of your life on "building" and executing your process than on the joys of the outcome (s).... (often times)....

So if you feel yourself rushing physically or mentally, STOP IT.

You are missing.

Get present.

Get in the ring.

If you feel yourself getting fast- remember to tell yourself ASAP, with the "s" meaning SLOW.

Let's go.

Chase Greatness.


Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

Dana Cavalea is the World Champion Director of Strength and Conditioning & Performance of the New York Yankees. Currently, he is a High Performance Speaker & Consultant to Pro Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Business Executives, and Workforces on lifestyle strategies to reduce stress, improve work/life integration, and most importantly improve daily performance /outcomes. Book Dana to Speak at your Company Event or Conference Today!

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