by Dana Cavalea January 16, 2018

Fatigue is something we all deal with. It becomes a problem when it is chronic. More days of fatigue than days of flourishing is a true problem. 

In today's "holistic" culture.. the onset of fatigue is immediately followed by a week of appointments with the holistic doc to the acupuncturist, to the nutritionist who puts you on a steady diet of wheat free, gluten free, food-free meals... :)...

Although it is great folks are so proactive today, I have learned in my journey that we fatigue ourselves. 

Thoughts take energy.

More thoughts, more energy used.

Overthinking = Chronic Fatigue.

The constant mind games and tennis matches that take place between our ears can lead to poor rest, sugar binges, and irritability.

The fatigue we experience each day is not because our body is tired, but rather because our mind is looking for a "life raft."

Living well is an innate process. If you allow your body to rest, be, experience, and feel... you will take in the appropriate stimuli, have a greater understanding and feel of what your body is craving- salts, sugars, and what foods provide these "essentials"...

It is very hard to fatigue the body before the mind. The mind is the determining factor of us actually going out to run that mile, and actually completing it.

The mind controls whether you actually get up from the couch- or even put the shoes on to get to the treadmill or open road. 

How often do we quit physical activity because we hear " I CAN'T" within our own minds... How often do we take ourselves out of a winning thought process because we can't bare to take on the work that sits in front of us to actually make it happen?

We quit on ourselves all the time. Our bodies are strong- our minds are weak. Controlling the mind, challenging the mind is essential.

On my desk at Yankee Stadium and on the wall outside my window, I had a quote that I lived by: GET COMFORTABLE WITH THE UNCOMFORTABLE.

Uncomfortable situations lead to overcoming yourself, your self imposed limits, and aid in your growth to get to the next level.

This can be in business, career, relationships, or your physical health. Challenge yourself. Everyday find something uncomfortable and do it. It could be a call, a certain training session, a conversation with a boss... but you must do something. Take action. Overcome. Take control of your mind so you can truly push your body. #TrainLikeAPro

Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

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