by Dana Cavalea February 16, 2017

Now a days.. we are all caught up. Mostly on crap. Mostly on the things that involve comparison to others.. and the stressing over things we wish for, and don't currently have.

Sad. Sad that we let chaotic news stories, material things, and internal distress dominate our thought life and living days. 

So what really matters? It comes down to these 5 Things! 

  • Health
  • Family
  • Faith
  • Career
  • Friendships

They are all important.. no one more important than the other, except for Health. Without your health... you have nothing.. as we all know.

Now that we know these five things... we are good to go! 

Not so fast! 

These all take nurturing, care, and attention. Lots of nurturing, care, and attention. So important. 

When we spend time focusing only one element.. we usually begin to feel the "Deficit" or that something just "is not right". 

We also start to feel that way when we only focus internally, on us, or we get the ME BUG.. where we spend each and every waking hour trying to please ourself.

You see... the five things... focus on others, serving others, creating, making, enhancing the life and experience of others...

It is self-serving without focusing on the self..... enhancing the experience of those around us through our work, contribution, time, and words.

Even our health..if we don't focus on it... we have nothing left to give everybody else because we will be resuscitating ourselves all day... and once again, not contributing to others. 

I write this today because I find even with myself, when I focus to much on one category, over the others... I feel deficit... When I focus to much on my personal life-experience rather than enhancing the life of others... I feel deficit... When things are rocking... it is because I am helping friends, family, employees, and clients all achieve more! 

Honestly.. doesn't it feel good to have a conversation with people? Workout? Inspire somebody else to workout? Have faith in yourself... and faith in general? Perhaps engaging in a career that is fulfilling for you and for those you serve?... and our Friends... although we have some quarrels... we all need people outside of family and spouse just for a fresh perspective and some "entertainment"... 

What makes a sports environment so much fun is that you have teammates who basically become your family & friends- your career is a blast- you have to believe in yourself each day or you won't perform (and then you have to leave)... and health is imperative to your survival in a high energy, high expectation environment... 

LESSON: Give and you shall receive could not be more true... 

Give to these five things each week.. and you will see yourself accelerate and your mental state will be one of peace. #TrainLikeAPro

Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

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