by Dana Cavalea February 23, 2018

Hey Team-

Happy weekend everybody!

We made it!

This weekend, I have decided to head out to Montauk, NY.. "THE END" as us New Yawka's like to call it..

What is great about heading to the East End of Long Island this time of year is that it is empty.. and quiet.. 

Music to the soul..

Unplug, walk the Winter Beach, and get in some great training, writing, and recovery therapy in the hot tanks, saunas, and steam...

Now, I am not putting this out there as a tease or to be bragger... but do you ever feel yourself at the "edge" when you need to "recharge" those batteries?

Well.. I am there.. so rather than sit around being unproductive.. a good change of scene is what it takes to "jump-start" the system..

With that, I am not sure if you guys know.. but I have a podcast, (currently it is nameless).. but each week I like to share some positive life thoughts with you.. 

This weeks pod is about PACE.. 

Click below to give it a listen...


If you enjoy, or feel like it can help somebody.. please share!

Well.. time to pack at head out!

Enjoy your weekend!!


Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

Dana Cavalea is the former Director of Strength and Conditioning & Performance of the New York Yankees. Currently, he is a High Performance Speaker & Consultant to Pro Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Business Executives, and Workforces on lifestyle strategies to reduce stress, improve work/life integration, and most importantly improve daily performance /outcomes. Book Dana to Speak at your Company Event or Conference Today!

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