by Dana Cavalea April 03, 2017

The biggest difference between successful people and successful people is that the winners are running with their fear, while the losers are sitting with it.

True Statement.

Have you ever realized when you get into some thick situations- you have the ability to dig your way out?

Have you ever been in a situation you thought you would not be able to get through and boom- you survive it and actually excel?

You see-- this is how the brain works... as a survival organ. If you play it safe, your mind will stay the same or regress. If you put yourself in higher intensity situations, higher focus situations, and dive into challenges, your brain will be challenged to critically think and dig out.

This is the problem with ENABLEMENT.. it does not provide an adequate breeding ground for self-thought and critical thinking, but instead allows the brain to take a break, coast, and cruise into the next simple, mindless task.

No good.

Your brain is your powerhouse. Only stopped by fear and self.

If you overcome the fear, and truck along scared to death, you are still trucking, challenging, and moving yourself into some new water and ponds you will have to navigate through. 

The 2 worst things you can do to the human brain are: deprive it of sleep and deprive it of challenge aka critical thinking. 

Your brain is a muscle that needs training daily. It needs stimulation daily. It craves to further its knowledge base.

Scrolling your feed will not do it. Engaging in comfortable and mindless activities will not do it. Dig in. Dig deep.

Challenge yourself through your personal barriers- but first define what those are by "critically thinking" about yourself and what holds you back; and the WHY. But don't spend to much time there.. 

Then..take action on your inhibitions... go put your brain in "challenge mode".. take on a task, project, or career that scares you...At first you will not be ready.. but nobody is.. so you must move anyway... shoulders back, chest up.. and GO..

The reality is when you first embark, you will feel inadequate, not prepared, scared, and even partial paralysis--- kind of like your first day on a new job.. but it is great. You will survive... and most importantly.. you will begin to move yourself forward.

This is true for all parts of life.. your training, your work, your relationships, and just your overall progression through life.. "challenge yourself" "believe in yourself" "know that fear is normal and most people are walking with it"... the ones that are achieving the most.. are often times still operating in fear.. but they are running with it while others are sitting with it. Challenge yourself. #TrainLikeAPro

Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

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