by Dana Cavalea February 01, 2017

Have you ever seen a person who is always running around like a chicken with their head cut off? They just look like they never have their s%$t together?

We all know at least one. We could actually be one of them. The problem with these individuals is that they have no consistency. They have no routine. Life comes at them.. and they react.

This is definitely not how winners go about things. Winners are planned, calculated, and strategized. Winning in life is like winning in war. War and life have some great parallels as Sun Tzu illustrates in his writing of The Art of War.

Having a strategy with the ability to maneuver through daily obstacles is the key. If all you do is maneuver through obstacles, you will miss your objectives- playing perpetual defense rather than playing offense.The more offense you can play, the better off you will be.

The greatest athletes and CEOs I have ever met are the most calculated and planned. They are thought leaders, time conscious, on-field leaders, and performance dominators due to the fact they are in "control"... well as controlling as they can be in a world and arena where there are so many uncontrollable(S)... They control what they can control. 

The "chicken" can't control anything- they have no control of themselves, usually have scattered thoughts, and live in reactivity.For those without a routine, begin by devising a daily plan and objective.. then work backwards.

Routines are based on daily habits. So start from the moment you open your eyes.. what happens next... and next ..and next.... do that each day and make slight tweaks until you get it just right. You will find a routine that has just enough friction to make you uncomfortable.. but you will find comfort in your progress and results.

A routine is a daily schedule that covers everything from personal hygiene to work to eating to recreation to family. Just remember my Golden Rule.. "Consistency over time yields the greatest results"... Show me somebody without results.. and I will show you a scatter brained individual without a routine.

Even visionaries, artists, and musicians who are typically left brain dominant have routines... so we can not use the excuse of "that is just not me"... I'm a creative.

From a health standpoint, the body benefits tremendously from a consistent bed time, consistent meal times, and consistent training times... this is why we see such tremendous results from players in Spring Training and mini-camps... consistency..

It amazes me again that consistency is not often mentioned in "SUCCESS" books... as it is the foundation and cornerstone to success.

Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

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