by Dana Cavalea April 07, 2017

Don't we all like variety? Yes and No.

I think we have gotten comfortable as a society. We are comfortable and it is totally apparent in most of what we see and hear hour to hour.

I spent a lot of time in coffee shops and writing online- and I have been coming across a lot of redundancy especially as it relates to personal development.

Everybody now has: "The 5 Secrets" to a better life, marriage, career, ways to start your own business, change your mindset, attitude, lifestyle, future, financial outlook, your body, abs, waistline....blah blah blah..

Has anybody else had enough of these sterile, mind numbing claims? "But Dana... he is an expert... look how many fans he has...".. well guys.. WHO CARES!

My point is this... when I start combing the internet I leave more confused than I do satisfied...

This is probably because I am looking for clean, honest, genuine, and real content on a subject matter... and not somebodies highlight reel or fabricated success stories based on a pic they took with a celeb at a restaurant...

I crave great conversation, great dialogue, and positive interaction with people to discuss a topic- and not just somebodies highlight reel. 

The world needs some new voices, new stars, new game-changers. Our TV screens and social channels are plastered with the same faces, causing us to fall deeper into a downward intellectual spiral..

Although the tone of this writing seems somewhat sharp, the message is about breakthrough and blossoming of something new and better than the status quo.

I think about a guy like Jeter quite often. I think about his staying power. I think about why people genuinely liked him even though he was an introverted-homebody.. but an All-American guy with enough flare to capture people's hearts...

They liked him because he was honest, real, and the edge to keep you guessing.. His "work"... "actual work" was his highlight reel.

When he stunk-- he admitted it publicly without shame. When he failed- he told you it was because he did not get it done- taking ownership. When he won and was the best on the field that night- he focused the light on another player and the rest of the club- humility.

That is why he was a winner and adored by so many.

Humble. Grateful. But most importantly.. what people don't know about him is that he was a rebel against the status quo of "being everywhere", taking advantage of every PR opportunity to build his brand, and in exchange decided to become "PRO and great" at his skill- playing baseball. 

He traded all that extra "time" that would of been spent running around NYC for resting, watching movies, and drinking daily Starbucks chai- because he valued the unplug time as most introverts do.

He knew his on-field performance would dictate is success on and off the field. So... his "1-thing" was being a great baseball player and everything came with that. Be great at something. He was smart enough to know that running around for his personality type would wear him down and cause decreased on-field results. 

Stop listening to the experts and start "feeling" and "listening" to yourself. There are so many ways to be successful and that starts with how you want your life to be and how you define the word.

Hustling all day will get your sick, burnt out, and trashed if that is not your cut. If it is your cut- going to bed super early each night will get your frustrated and anxious. DO YOU. Do what works for you. Create. Be an Artist of your life... But my only ask of you is this:


It is as simple as this: Success comes from belief in something. It starts from believing in yourself then your plan. Your plan is build on being passionate about a certain mission. Passion towards a mission will lead to goals. Passion + daily execution will lead to achievement of your goals. Achieving your goals will lead to success. It all starts from believing in something. That something is YOU.

Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

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