by Dana Cavalea December 18, 2018

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Hey Team.. 

This morning I received a question from one of our "team" members.. John.

Question: The reason for my message was because I was sitting around thinking about my 2019 goals. I know I have a lot to accomplish but my main thought was towards prioritizing these goals. Then got stuck! I was wondering your thoughts on the main factors of prioritizing your goals to be successful.

OK- let's help John out and take him through a "mock" coaching session...

Let's Start by breaking things down...

Step 1: Don't get overwhelmed by your goals... rather than goals.. let's think about what you are really looking to achieve, and most importantly WHY.

**we have to make sure we are not tricking ourselves and chasing after things in order to fill a personal void, hole, or emotional issue....

Step 2: Now that we have gotten real with ourselves... lets come up with the one-thing that if you achieved this year, you would feel a sense of true accomplishment you have never felt before. Write that down.

Ex. I want to open 1 new account per month, 12 for the year.. OR

I want to "change the culture" of my athletic department OR

I want to start my new business this year and be profitable within 90 days...

Whatever it may be, pick ONE THING.

Remember, we are playing this game called life... and the goal is to have a long one... and we must remember, when it comes to achievement, it is very hard to achieve more than ONE THING at the same time...

So, if you focus on your BIG WIN for the Year... and achieve it.. that momentum and success will give you the confidence to win the next year as well...

When you look at a 5-year run... you have done a lot of winning...

Sometimes, most times, we have too many goals, too many focal points, that we have no goals, and no focus. Pick ONE THING and attack.

Step 3: Determine the daily actions/ PROCESS that will get you to that ONE BIG GOAL / THING. 

Example:  To open 1-new account per month, I need to make 15 calls per day... Your process/ daily actions need to be focused on 15 calls per day without compromise...  then, as you are doing this, you can lean out your process and make it better, trying to get more "quality" out of those 10 calls rather than 15.. Maybe you need to clean up language, or sales techniques to become more efficient and economical.

Maybe your goal is to lose 20lbs. this year... Your daily actions would include increasing water intake, decreasing starchy carbs and sugar, and increasing lean meats, fruits, and vegetables... Focusing on The Perfect Plate each time you eat... 

Step 4: Accountability to the ONE THING & THE DAILY PROCESS...

This is an area where most struggle.. and is the main pillar that my personal coaching agency is built on.. daily accountability to process and goal...

If you are unable to take the daily action steps & focus on the daily process needed to Win that ONE THING for 2019, you will have not shot at achievement outside of luck.

Accountability is key... it is the difference between good and great... It is the difference maker between winning frequently and not winning as often...

And I will tell you this... it is a lot easier to hold yourself accountability to ONE CLEAR GOAL and a SIMPLE PROCESS than when you have 10 goals and no process... that is the secret... and now you know it...


Please remember this... and share it with those you care about.

It is The Secret of Success... 

Step 5: Celebrate your WINS along the way... 

Winning should be challenging yet very fun and rewarding.. So  you need to celebrate the wins. When you land a deal, or win a championship, or have a great talk with somebody you lead, celebrate that. Give yourself a good 24-48 hours to celebrate that win.. then go back to work! It is so important to reward yourself, even if it is just telling yourself you did an awesome job. Never forget that.

When you have one thing to focus on, a clear process, your chances of winning go way up, and the pressure goes way down. What also happens is everything comes into alignment..



You are only focused on the core, needle moving actions that matter. You will be less likely to "do thing that are not related to goal".. which means no more doing things  that don't matter..

It is easier to say NO.

It is easier to not get overwhelmed and feel like you are playing defense..

That is the power of a singular focus on a clear objective. 

You will only do the things that matter deeply to you, your family, your team, your organization, your personal vision and mission....

Now, take some time today and lets come up with The ONE THING that matters for 2019....



Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

Dana Cavalea is the World Champion Director of Strength and Conditioning & Performance of the New York Yankees. Currently, he is a High Performance Speaker & Consultant to Pro Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Business Executives, and Workforces on lifestyle strategies to reduce stress, improve work/life integration, and most importantly improve daily performance /outcomes. Book Dana to Speak at your Company Event or Conference Today!

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