by Dana Cavalea March 05, 2017

It is Sunday.. so we are prepping for a great week ahead.. or some are saying.. "Ok, Monday I will start eating better".. . whatever the case may be.. if you want to eat better, you need to create a better meal.

The meals of the past were based on a protein, a starch, and a veggie.. simple.. but what we have found is the one component of that meal structure that negatively effects most people in their "gut/ midsection" is the "starch"....

There is almost a co-dependency to starch in our culture. People can give up meat and the vegetable.. but the breads, pastas, and potatoes are a completely different story.

There are some people that get borderline lion-like when you threaten to take away their "starch"... Why?

The starch is the morphine during pain, the xanex during stress, and the alcohol to a New Years Eve...

The starch is the addiction. The roots of this addiction are based on our love for Sugar. That, combined with a dehydrated American population creates the addiction.

The molecular makeup of WATER is H20. The molecular makeup of a carbohydrate aka starch is C6H12O6- so you can see there is water encapsulated within the carbo...

So.. if you are dehydrated, your body and mind will fight to get water- whether through a poland springs bottle or via a buttered roll.

Your body is primal and wants the WATER.

The fastest way to kill a carb addicition is to get hydrated. The next is train your "ordering" skills to double the vegetable, and keep the protein.. making no space left for the starchy carb.

Finally-- most people out there are not totally in love with the pasta for example-- but they love the texture.. so finding an alternative like Black Bean Pasta- which is rich in protein and vegetable based will help you find you experience the "texture" without the negative sugar spikes of starchy carb intake.

Wrapping up:

  1. 1. Double the Vegetable
  2. 2. Stay Well Hydrated
  3. 3. Understand, most people are not in competitive training and spend most of their life on their ass...making the need for readily available carbohydrates through high sugar starches not necessary. 

I write practically... because that is all that matters... functional, simple solutions that help people WIN. No B.S., No gimmicks, No fads. #TrainLikeAPro

Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

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