by Dana Cavalea March 02, 2017

Have you ever looked around and asked yourself- what do you really like? love? and what can you get rid of? Are those things that you need to get rid of holding you back from truly accelerating?

The things that hold you back can come in the form of things, environments, people, and habitual patterns.

I was speaking to a good friend of mine who I mention quite a bit, Brandon Steiner, and I asked him " What was the moment of change that occurred to really get you moving in the right direction towards your health and fitness goals?

His response was interesting..." I started to incorporate my favorite things-- my favorite machines in my gym, a pile of soft, grey cotton t-shirts, my favorite nike shoes, my Syracuse game towels, a playlist of 10 + hours of music- my favorite artists, and then I stocked my fridge with my favorite fruits and healthy foods"...

What he did was take away all of his excuses. He started to change his dining out habits- preparing for eating out rather than just doing what the rest of the table does.

How many of us just get in a bad rhythm- and we get taken down by our own habits? Our conversations are the same every day, we create linked behaviors (aka.. when I go here... I always order this, or I always stop at this restaurant- even if the food is loaded with grizzle)...

Linked behaviors & social circles that do not respect your "new habits" and "goals" should be questioned... Life is about Alignment... so those around you should align with your choices- at the very least RESPECT them... and encourage you.

I have another friend that was struggling with daily drinking after work.. and he needed SUPPORT in his quest to overcome his habit and linking behavior of drinking = relaxing...

So I took the challenge with him... and have not taken as much as a sip of anything alcoholic in about 2 years ( I was never a drinker, but would have 1/2 a glass of wine every so often)... I RESPECTED his quest for self-improvement, and became a supporter of the cause... creating alignment towards the goal.

Some of our favorite things can be the things that hurt us the most in the long run from physical to mental health... so it is always good to check-in on how we are "Actually" doing.. and responding to the people, things, and habits that drive our day to day behaviors.

What is great about this analysis is that things are either moving us forward, or setting us back. But.... we can always "re-negotiate" things and create NEW FAVORITES... which is a sign of growth and personal evolution. 

I encourage you TODAY to look at your life- where are things going great, lagging behind, and what can be changed and replaced with a FAVORITE thing to help you drive favorable results and behaviors!

It is almost spring- a good time shed the old and create the NEW! 

Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

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