by Dana Cavalea February 28, 2017

Most of America has had back pain at some point in their life... and it could be totally debilitating..

As somebody that has felt the "electric current" running through my nerves after a back injury... I will tell you.. there is nothing more painful... except maybe childbirth (luckily I will not have to feel this)...

After considering my most frequent episodes of back pain, I realized that it was not just from my "physical state" being altered by poor, slouching posture, long flights, or aggressive activity... But also during times of mental stress.

At different points during the baseball season/ work year, mentally you are holding on for dear life... since the season is so long, your mind is so ready for the off-season, and just the day to day travel and wants of players (co-workers) starts to take its toll.

All of this, plus day after day training leads to STRESS. Stress on the body, stress on the mind. Either way it is stress. 

So.. I have identified in my work the "mechanics" of back pain as:

  1. Poor Posture
  2. Leg Length Discrepancy
  3. Lack of Internal Hip Rotation
  4. Total Body Tension and Stress induced by the Mind
  5. Acute Injury

When treating somebody with back pain- these are the five things I look for and through deductive reasoning, find the Elephant in the Room..

Often times... you can find #4 to be the "in addition" to culprit..

The athlete or client is almost always presenting one of the other 4 issues as well... but the symptom that often goes overlooked is mental state of mind and stress.

So the next time you have an episode of back pain, think about where you are at mentally, not just physically. Times of stress creates havoc on the bodies systems- altering sleep, total body tension, and mindset.

Freeing up your mind can truly change your physical game.. whether it be injury reduction or performance enhancement.

In tomorrow's blog.. I am going to share a story with you about a personal journey to overcome stress... and how that stress wore me down from a performance standpoint.... Scary Stuff.

The above writing is relative not just to back pain- but any muscular pain, strains, pulls that may present themselves. If you find yourself getting injured more, dealing with more aches & pains it is probably heavily related to physical and mental stress.

Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

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