by Dana Cavalea April 14, 2017

I am going to start with this:

I am giving you permission to go out and WIN! 


When was the last time you experienced winning? I mean real, hardcore winning? Financially, business, career, relationships, weight-loss, health and just life in general.

When was the last time?

I will be honest with you... There was a time when I forgot what winning was. You see.. in sports culture it is very simple.. you either win or lose.. but what about in your life?

What if you approached life in a similar manner and your goal became to WIN everyday and not lose? Or.. for every loss (because losses happen) you have 3-5 WINS? That would mean when you take the average.. you are a WINNER.

Everybody talks about goals. Nobody talks about winning anymore. We are obsessed with political correctness, we are obsessed with not standing out or separating by too much or else we will make others feel bad...

Instead.. we hold ourselves back. What if you went out today and said I am going to be the best in my workplace? I am going to set a personal record for sales? I am going to run 2 miles because I always only run 1-mile...

What if that became your game? The game of WINNING against yourself... 

Why are we so concerned with what everybody else thinks anyway? WIN for you. WIN for your family. WIN damnit.

Winning is a great thing. Battles are meant to be won. Games are meant to be won. High Position jobs are meant to be won.

The reality of life is we are in competition... the problems start when we begin to compete against others... and not against ourselves...

Compete with yourself. WIN FOR YOU. When you start winning.. others will start to believe winning is possible again... What would that do to a Companies culture?

What would that do for the bottom line? 

Do you think that would make you standout as an individual and as a Company? Go above and beyond. Do more than everybody else.

This is my point. Start winning again. Save more money for yourself this month than you have any other month this year = WIN. Exercise 25 out of 30 days = WIN. Add a minute to your run everyday you run this month = WIN. Go on a starch-less eating streak = WIN.

I need you to WIN. I want you to WIN. I want to WIN. If you WIN, I Win.

Now lets cut the sh$t and start Winning today.

There is no better feeling than winning in all categories of life.. and like I said.... When you start winning, you will see others around you begin as well. It is like the 4 minute mile.. it wasn't possible until it happened.

You set the tone. You are the Captain of your life. You are the catalyst of change. Now go be That. 

Cheers to Winning.

Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

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