by Dana Cavalea April 21, 2017

"You can not rationalize with irrational people"... a great saying once spoken to me by a long time friend, Matt Casciano.

Who would of thought that a saying that was said over 15 years ago would be remembered with vivid clarity today?

But.. it is a very true saying.

As you go through life you will come across so many different kinds of people- of varying backgrounds and experiences.

How could you possibly think you could see things the same as the majority of others if the human experience is one of extreme diversity?

It is quite difficult and that is why when you look to your right and left.. you will see only a handful of great friends, numerous acquaintances, and many people you just don't align with.

And... that is just fine.

Building a personal tribe of those who align with your mission, vision, and core values is essential. When people no longer align, serve you, or are more work than you wish to put in, it may be a good time to let them go. Sometimes people come back.. some times they are gone forever... and that is OK.

In going through the journey... things can really hit stride and get to another level when you build a team around you that is supportive, focuses, aligned, respectful, passionate, and all-in on not just vision and core values.. but also the relationship they have with you.

Now let's talk about the irrational people. They do not belong on your team, in your camp, or in your circle. Why?

They will not provide value.. but will take you down one strike of the ax at a time.

You must be very aware of the energy vampires that surround you. If you are not moving forward, are feeling stuck in life, business, career, or anything else you engage in.. take a look at your "company".. and you may find some answers.

Have you ever heard the saying it is always best to be the dumbest guy or gal in the room? That is how you know you have the right room?... That is the truth. Surrounding yourself with people that have not grown or choose not to grow is the breeding ground for irrational, victim-like individuals.

Move on. Move yourself forward. Change your game. You can never change another person, but you can certainly change yourself. By changing yourself, you may then see a change in those around you as a result of you being a catalyst.

Give it a try. When you are dealing with irrational individuals.. never engage.. depart. It will take you through the gates of freedom... and on the other side is the unknown.. where possibility lives. #likeapro.


Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

Dana Cavalea is the World Champion Director of Strength and Conditioning & Performance of the New York Yankees. Currently, he is a High Performance Speaker & Consultant to Pro Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Business Executives, and Workforces on lifestyle strategies to reduce stress, improve work/life integration, and most importantly improve daily performance /outcomes. Book Dana to Speak at your Company Event or Conference Today!

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