by Dana Cavalea February 23, 2017

If you were to ask most people the questions, "Would you rather be in shape or out of shape? Have higher body fat or lower?" I think we all know what their answer would be. Then how come so many people are out of shape or carrying excess body fat around with them?

Have you ever picked up a 10-20lb dumbbell and truly felt how heavy that is? Could you imagine carrying that with you all day? Do you think your joints would hurt? You back would ache? How about all the extra energy you expend dragging that with you--- no wonder why most people are fatigued and tired all the time.

The reality is this... production in America is down, waist sizes are up.. and there are more options than ever to get in shape. The problem is people want it... but they do not have the energy or the mindset or the focus to go and achieve it.

The weight-loss industry has totally under-minded the American consumer.. selling plans that are designed to make the "Seller" rich.. and the consumer... well.. "the same" as they were before they started or worse off... most companies are selling short term, quick fix, solutions that usually lead to tremendous weight GAIN over time.Sad.. but this cycle of buying, trying, and gaining is actually extremely taxing on the mind and the body... and eventually.. it leaves the consumer dejected, frustrated, and feeling like a failure.. when in fact... they were just on the wrong plan.. with a false pretense of being in the best shape of their life in JUST 6-WEEKS.. or JUST 90 DAYS... it doesn't work like that.

Do you know that yo -yo dieting is heavily responsible for visceral fat accumulation around your organs?

So... this psychological strain, and stress, is actually a big player in the decision making game of healthy-choice-eating... When you are fatigued, stressed, and beat down... the mind loses it's ability to show "will-power"... since this actually takes energy.... and you will fall for your temptations.. the burger and fries, the high carb meal, dessert...

The best thing to do when you are fatigued.. is sleep, and pre-set your meal plan for the day so you can avoid becoming a victim of your own decisions.. SLEEP. 

SLEEPING will actually help you make better choices at the table due to a reduced state of anxiousness, arousal, and more focus... It is amazing we have to say or write about this.. but it is so TRUE.. America is tired.. worn down, on-edge, and anxious.. just look at our roads and watch how people drive!

In all seriousness.. Sleep More, Plan Your Meals, Visualized Yourself making better choices, and you will soon see the results you are desiring.... but you MUST STAY CONSISTENT...

CASE STUDY: I have a very high level CEO that I work with... over the course of the year.. he lost about 20lbs... consistency was his key ingredient to success... he travels every week, eats out almost every meal... but he made slight adjustments that matched his lifestyle.. and was consistent with those choices and his training.

Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

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