by Dana Cavalea June 09, 2017

~Reignite Yourself~
I often get the question when I am out, "So, Dana, What is it that you do now since you left the Yankees?"
I immediately follow this up with my elevator pitch of, "I run a Coaching Company. I help people REIGNITE themselves physically- getting them back on track so they can move better, look better, feel better and conquer their negative psychology and goals."
Now you may be wondering what this even means and what inspired this!
So I will share with you.
I have met so many people through my journey, most over the age of 40 (and male) that have, well, "let themselves go."
Through observation, I was able to see they lost their spark, their zest for life, passion for career and have given up on themselves. They looked battered and like their life had become a treadmill of monotony. They thought becoming less "athletic", adding 10lbs of junk weight and feeling less vibrant and more fatigued each day was just a part of getting "older".
When I peeled back the onion even further, I determined that once they went into their career, got married and started a family; they forgot about themselves.
What inspired my work was when I saw the results of working with people by addressing their "physicality first" - the opposite of thought leaders like Tony Robbins.
When it came to the athletes I worked with, I knew that if they prepared themselves physically, the game became easier, confidence went up, self-esteem went up, trust in their ability elevated alongside their overall physical and mental vitality. Everything changed for the better!
So why couldn't this work for everybody else?
Taking this experience and applying it to "non-competitive" athletes- but high performance and highly competitive business leaders- it worked again. Same results. As their physicality improved, stress dropped and vitality/ zest for life came back.
There was minimal talk of today's buzz words of mindfulness, gratitude, detoxing, work/life balance- but instead a hyper focus on the word TRAINING.
Train your way to get back into your best physical and mental shape. Train to reduce your stress. Train to build your confidence. Train to build your self esteem. Train to change your life and inspired those around you. Train to battle the stressful situations that will arise when running a Company and raising a family. Not "workout"- but TRAIN. Athletes train.
Those looking for pre-determined outcomes train. Companies train employees so they are best prepared to handle any situation. The military trains. Now: We TRAIN.
The answer was in training. Training changed the game.
Just take a look at your body. Do you have poor energy levels? 10+lbs. of extra weight? Are you tired all the time? Craving junk food and carbs? Is your mood stable?
If you are not feeling great about yourself and your health, how could you possibly feel great about everything else in your life?
So many people are so disengaged with their health, yet overly engaged in their work. The only time they pick their head up is when they realized how bad their health level really is- usually this is the result of a major health event or negative Doctors visit.
My work is very special because we sort through the BS and lock in on a strategic plan to REIGNITE YOUR BODY, MIND, LIFESTYLE AND HEALTH.
I sympathize with those I work with since I have been on the journey myself. Allowing work and other things to take first place -this led to weight gain, stress and overall dissatisfaction. I took my eye off the ball.
Once I began to identify my 3 most important "power plays" as I call them, or the most important things in my life (physical training, stress reduction and whole food eating), my relationships, mentality and self-esteem all improved immediately. I was refocused. I was working for something. I had a goal. I was Training.
A very "selfish focus" led to me becoming a better "giver" and "supporter" of those around me. Amazing but true. I took my health back. I then had more to give.
Take an inventory on where you currently are. I hope my writing inspires you to take the first steps to putting yourself first, retraining yourself to get back in the health game and start reigniting your health today.
Hold yourself accountable. If you need help, form a group or get a Coach to help with day to day accountability.
My final recommendation is this: If you take the first steps, fill in those around you so they know what you are doing, know your "WHY" and ask them to support you.
The support of others will drive you forward. Sharing your journey on Facebook or other social channels with pictures and writing will also help you- and inspire others.#LIKEAPRO
Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

Dana Cavalea is the World Champion Director of Strength and Conditioning & Performance of the New York Yankees. Currently, he is a High Performance Speaker & Consultant to Pro Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Business Executives, and Workforces on lifestyle strategies to reduce stress, improve work/life integration, and most importantly improve daily performance /outcomes. Book Dana to Speak at your Company Event or Conference Today!

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