by Dana Cavalea November 18, 2017


Definition: Something that is first. (1st Letter of the Greek Alphabet)


Coach D's Definition:Becoming first position, taking first position and holding first position.

Now, many may think of Alpha as an overbearing, machismo position that some insecure males like to hold..  (and I would have to agree in certain instances.. but this blog is about training for the ALPHA position)

I was working with one of my Baseball Players the other night and we were speaking about mindset.

What mindset leads to success?

And.. What mindset leads to failure as a player?

We arrived at this:

1.When you subconscious mindset becomes passive, weak, and negative.. you always LOSE.

2.When your subconscious mindset becomes ALPHA.. you become dominant and almost always WIN.

This is the same for taking a test, business negotiations, interviews, lifting maximal weight, and in sports.. especially ME VS. ME, or ME VS. YOU Sports..

As we continued to speak, we both agreed that FAKE ALPHA is easy to spot.. usually loud, aggressive, obnoxious Silverback type mentality.. that is not the ALPHA we want..

The ALPHA Position and mindset we are looking to create sits within the SELF.

It sits within the fabric of who you are and is not a state of hyper-excitability, but rather an ongoing state of mental positioning on the side of dominance.

A Winners Mentality of "I can and I will do this".. "I can and I will succeed".. "I can and I will beat you".. While at the same time keeping your body and mind free from the tension and pressureto do the above..

False hype or fake hype is not what this is about.. 

I have always found the players that are the loudest.. are usually the weakest.

Through the years I have watched players like David Ortiz aka Big Papi rise in the biggest of moments, using a pre-at bat routine, spitting on his hands and clapping himself into focus and ALPHA.. it worked..

As for the great Mariano Rivera.. a little less flare.. but when the bullpen gates opened for his arrival, to the song of ENTER SANDMAN.. he became ALPHA.. 

As for the great Derek Jeter, when spent his whole day prepping for the game that night.. the same, boring routine.. day in and day out without many external variables.. which put him in a state of calm, mental dominance.. showcasing a poise no matter how big big the situation...

ALPHA is belief. ALPHA is knowing yourself better than anything or anybody else in your world.. ALPHA is about playing your game.. and not playing the game of anybody else. ALPHA is maintaining control of your emotions. ALPHA is a self-belief that is grounding for those that come across you.

ALPHA is the state of mind, body, and soulthat will lead you to your personal vision.. and actually believing you will make it there no matter what hardship comes your way..

Now we can not just WISH ALPHA.. so in order to become ALPHA.. lets start with a few exercises:

1. CATCH YOUR NEGATIVE PATTERNS, SELF TALK, AND BELIEFS. Each day we have thousands of thoughts and self conversations.. identify the tone and the themes you are experiencing.. are they positive, negative, empowering or debilitating? 

2. ELIMINATE REACTIVITY. Work that day hour by hour at your pace. Do not let the pace and agendas of others control your pace, work, flow, and internal peace. Work on your terms, your cadence, and your speed.. or else you are already being controlled by externals, forfeiting ALPHA.

3. FOCUS on the positive end results. Do not spend time on the negative. Understand the down side of things and the risk, but put little focus on them. The power of achieving the positive objective/ vision you have created, will create ALPHA dominance over the negative. You achieve what you focus on.

4. ONE MAJOR OBJECTIVE at a time. You can do multiple things, but channel your energy into your creating your ONE Big thing.. The more split and distracted you are and you become, you are once again sacrificing ALPHA.  You can not do all things at once. You can not be all things for all people. Simplicity is the common denominator of success. Many speak of the Steve Jobs, one shirt, one color, one outfit theory.. that was one less thing he had to apply mental focus too.. keep your focus.

Now.. think about YOU.. and see where your mindset really is. Think about the instances in life when you approached the situation from the non-Alpha position vs. the ALPHA position.. compare results!







Dana Cavalea
Dana Cavalea

Dana Cavalea is the World Champion Director of Strength and Conditioning & Performance of the New York Yankees. Currently, he is a High Performance Speaker & Consultant to Pro Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Business Executives, and Workforces on lifestyle strategies to reduce stress, improve work/life integration, and most importantly improve daily performance /outcomes. Book Dana to Speak at your Company Event or Conference Today!

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