Champion Kids presents Girls on the Run starring Mighty Melina. The Champion Kids book series, written by New York Yankees World Champion Performance Coach, Dana Cavalea, introduces kids to positive leadership and life lessons through stories about life, obstacles, and optimism.

Girls on the Run was written to empower young females to work together in order to go to the next level in sports, school and life!

In Girls on the Run, Melina, the youngest and smallest little girl in town begins to doubt herself because her brothers are always picking on her. Until, one night, before going to bed she decides to become the BEST Soccer Player in the World.

Instead of quitting on herself, she decides to go after her dreams! Not only does she become the best Soccer Player in the World--so do her teammates! They all became Champions because they decided to play together rather than compete with one another.

By the end of the story, Melina shows all little girls that their dreams can come true with hard work, two-claps and a twirl!

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