Champion Kids presents the 4th book in the series, Bryant "For The Win".

The Champion Kids book series, written by New York Yankees World Champion Performance Coach, Dana Cavalea, introduces kids to positive leadership and life lessons through stories about life, obstacles, and optimism.

Bryant "For The Win" was written to teach kids the importance of helping one another succeed. Kids have to realize the greatest gift they have is helping somebody else achieve their dreams. In turn, they achieve theirs!

In Bryant "For The Win", Bryant, the schools star basketball player, who all admire see Jakob a player on his team really struggling.

Jakob was not the most athletic player- but he always gave basketball his all. Unfortunately, the Coach never put him in for the games. Until, on the final game of playoffs, Jakob got his shot.

Bryant put his arm around Jakob and let him know that this game was his big moment to shine! And that is exactly what he did.

Jakob hit the game winning shot and was forever known as a Champion!

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