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 Coach Cavalea offers Signature Programs to Corporations, Conferences, Workforces, &Universities


**All Keynotes & Speeches can be customized to meet your goals. 

Below you can find some sample topics.


 FIT TO WIN with Habits, Routines, & Consistency:Teaching C-Suites, Executives, & Employees the importance of improving mental and physical conditioning in order to improve productivity and quarter over quarter growth....       (great for sales teams as well looking for a reverse approach on selling...)

CORPORATE PRODAY:  A full day training that is a mix of classroom and hands-on training working to get leaders "game-ready," learning the tools, skills, & protocols Professional Athletes use to stay mentally and physically ready to perform at the highest level each and every day. Most Companies, Leaders, & Employees do not lack motivation, they lack preparation, readiness & a true plan. That changes with PRODAY. Attendees should be prepared to not only "learn" but to "perform".. so dress "athletically"..

Becoming A Champion:  Based on Coach Cavalea's new book, Habits of a Champion. This personal development workshop will share his Principles to Championship Performance and is designed to help leaders and emerging leaders gain true clarity of themselves, their mission, and their motivation. And, how that effects their daily performance in the workplace...This workshop will focus on the winning habits top Athletes & CEOs use to stay a cut above the rest..

(Sales Teams) BREAKING OUT OF A SALES SLUMP: In this workshop, Coach Dana Cavalea works with sales teams discussing the roots of their sales slump. Most sales slumps do not come from a lack of tactical skills and strategy, they come from a lack of confidence and thoughts of personal dominance. In this workshops Coach goes over 10 ways to break out of a sales slump... This is a great workshop for Sales Teams & Sales Managers to inspire their team in an atypical way!

STRIKING OUT STRESS-Stress Management for Performance Optimization: Overstimulation, anxiety, and stress are major contributors to reduced performance. This workshop introduces the reasons stress & anxiety exist, perpetuate themselves, and can manifest into a constant performance reducer.  This workshop goes way beyond meditation and deep into your personal "stress" centers. Participants will also learn how to diffuse stress and detect its onset using Coach Cavalea's proprietary Exercise Therapy methods.

** All of the above talks can be customized and can include underlying themes that coordinator is working to get across to their teams. Our goal is to provide you with the most customized speaking experience to motivate, inspire, and engage your team.


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