Confidence Is Everything....

Hi Team...

I wanted to share this with you....

When I Coach athletes and leaders- the main thing I focus on with then is their confidence.

Want to know why?

Because when you are tired, fatigued, burnt-out, or not getting the results you desire, the first thing to dip is your confidence.

And, when confidence dips, everything goes with it.

You can easily lose your spirit.

You can easily become vulnerable to blood sucking vampires around you and peddlers of bad advice with their own agendas (trying to take advantage of you)..

When this starts to happen- your risk for bad decisions and going against your gut go way up.

We can not have that.

I have a question for you...

What do you do to keep your confidence up (daily)?

Do you just hope it is there?

Or, do you prime yourself each day to get it there?

Do you work with a coach or team to help you keep it up?

What is your strategy?

If you don't have one- you better get one.

A few months ago I was coaching somebody in enterprise sales- he had been doing it for years but this was a down year.

He was down on himself, he was thinking like shit, and he was beat.

Do you think he could actually make sales in this state?

Or, is he going to come across as weak? Lacking passion? As somebody who is coming from a place of scarcity?

Exactly- and you know what? His results matched his confidence level.

My game is all about recharging peoples energy- giving them the tools, strategies, and tactics to get them out of their own way and moving towards what they want and what lights them up.

Without confidence- nothing is possible.

Please- sit with this for a few minutes before moving on to your next email.

Where is your current confidence level?

What are you doing daily to increase your confidence level?

Let's go.

Make it happen.

Your Coach,



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