About Habits of a Champion

In his first published book, Coach Dana Cavalea shares 15 lessons about what it takes to become a champion. He shares stories and insights from some of the world’s top performers in sports, life and business.

An easy to read, funny, attention grabbing journey on how to take your life and game from average to extraordinary, you will soon find out that achieving your full potential is a lot more simple than you think. Along his journey, Coach has learned  that there is not such thing as a Default Champion. It takes work. Not just any kind of work though--very specific day-to-day work.

This book was written for anyone looking to take their game to the next level. Whether you are a coach looking to lead your team to victory, an athlete looking to maximize on-field performance, a CEO or entrepreneur wanting more out of yourself or your team, or somebody out there aspiring to be better today than they were yesterday, this book is for you.

Straight-forward, direct, honest and goal-oriented--that is what Habits of a Champion: Nobody Becomes A Champion By Accident is about. Are you ready to elevate yourself to Champion status?

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